Header line North American Casualty

The Auto & Casualty North America team provides quotations and reinsurance structuring on both proportional and non-proportional basis. It currently targets lines in personal and commercial motor. However, it is well positioned to expand into other casualty lines of business
should conditions improve.

The Auto and Casualty North America team is led by Misha Novakovic and operates out of Bermuda office. The entire NA Casualty and Motor book has now been re-underwritten by Head of Line (changeover occurred October 2018)

Establish strong relationships with brokers and ensure the abundant flow of submissions through the distribution channels by: becoming a quoting market offering technical insights to existing clients and feedback on declined accounts, making regular visits to major clients and brokers.

Support only those accounts which offer attractive rates and would have made continuous profit in recent years on as-if basis

The bulk of the current portfolio is short-tail and focuses on low limit NSA. In addition, all business is currently written on a proportional basis. With
profitability as a paramount, we will look to expand in other Casualty lines of business and write both proportional and non-proportional business