Header line Marine and Aviation

Marine and Space remains an attractive line of business thanks to a consensus among insurers that it brings diversification benefits to property and casualty lines. Marine and Space insurance segment has never been more competitive. Against the background of ongoing overcapacity in the insurance market, many insurers are
reassessing their Marine, Aviation and Space portfolios. In order to thrive in this overcrowded environment, insurers need a reinsurer who can take an active role in helping them to adapt and innovate.

Within Space, the team has deep technical knowledge. Our long-term partnership with our insurers allows us to get a close view on the
market and provide best solutions and support to them. We are pro-active and highly experienced in all aspects of policy coverage and claim

On the Marine side, we offer both non- proportional and proportional treaty reinsurance for marine hull. Our marine hull insurance
provides coverage to different fleets from tankers to containerships with a strong focus on small crafts, pleasure craft and yachts

Combining long-term client support with flexible product offerings, our aim is to provide solutions that not only meet our customers’ current need,
but which can also support their goals for the future.