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We help clients diversify their reinsurance panels, with capital not dependent on western equity markets, and offers credit, surety and political risk covers on a proportional and non-proportional  basis. Our experienced and specialized team provides lead quotation services, supports clients in product development and helps to create innovative solutions.

Globalization, a more volatile economic environment and the impact of the last financial crisis have all reinforced the need for adequate protection against credit and political risks. Credit insurance is a valid security instrument, especially for small and medium-sized companies lacking access to capital markets or bank loans.

Credit & Surety
Managing the risk of an insurance company or a corporate entity is an essential part of daily business. When considering the best way of dealing with retained risk, there are a number of different alternatives. One innovative and efficient approach is a structured transaction.

​​​​​​​Structured Finance and Reinsurance
Structured Finance transactions cover financial losses, which are related to systemic risks, like financial market risks such as interest rates or currency exchange rates, or macroeconomic risks, such as unemployment. These types of risks are often concentrated in financial institutions like banks and insurance companies and are difficult to diversify. Structured Reinsurance is based on the same instruments as traditional reinsurance. The difference is that Structured Reinsurance combines risk transfer and risk financing elements on a multi-line and/or multi-year basis. Therefore, these instruments offer the possibility of capital relief, optimisation of the balance sheet and risk smoothing over time.

Our specialised team has longstanding experience in these classes of business and supports clients in finding the best solution for their needs.